Why Choose Dallas Synergy Volleyball

Quality Not Quantity

Our goal at Dallas Synergy is to provide athletes the opportunity to play volleyball in a positive environment where they can learn volleyball skills and strategy, lessons in teamwork and increase their self-esteem.  You can be assured you that you are not just a number in our program.  Teams are not formed simply because there are bodies.  We consider whether there are athletes chosen who play the positions needed to successfully run an offense.  In addition, we value having an experienced coaching staff that will provide growth for your daughter through their coaching knowledge and ability to teach, as well as their demeanor and passion for the game.


Experienced Coaches At Each Level

If I wouldn't want my own daughter to play for these coaches, then we won't hire them.  When hiring coaches, we consider the following qualities: experience (playing and coaching), ability to teach proper mechanics of the skills, passion for the sport, knowledge of the game, common sense, temperament, maturity, and ability to communicate with players and parents.


Volleyball 101 Class

Parents love our “Volleyball 101 Class”!  This class is free!  It is designed to help parents of all age levels understand the rules of the game and how club volleyball may differ from high school and college volleyball.  We also discuss some volleyball strategies and answer questions.  This class is highly recommended for all parents!


Recruiting Workshop

Dallas Synergy will be offering a recruiting workshop for all interested athletes and their parents.  We will have former college athletes talk about the recruiting process and what you can do to help make yourself more marketable.  We have several former college coaches on staff to help you understand the process.  In addition we will provide information regarding professional recruiting services and videotaping.  Last, we will provide information and an explanation about the recruiting rules for NCAA and the NAIA (both those rules which apply to the athlete and the college recruiter).


Recruiting Assistance

We offer recruiting assistance to our 16’s.  We will assist them in creating a resume and create a team media guide to distribute at tournaments.  We offer follow up “workshops” to help you move forward in the recruiting process as well as assistance in developing a skills tape




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